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How To Sign Up/ Purchase Class Package

Step 1

If you are new student, please fill up the registration form on the bottom of the page


If you are old student, please skip the form and go directly to step 2.


Step 2

Please select and mark down your package option and make payment through one of the following methods: (Please screen capture your payment)


HSBC 滙豐戶口 049-707-672-838 Sow Yoga Ltd.

FPS 轉數快(852) 6810 2092

*If you are interested to take private class or arrange a corporate class, please contact us directly via whatsapp. 

*私人班或企業/ 團隊興趣活動請經 whatsapp 直接聯絡我們接洽

Step 3

Please whatsapp Sow Admin at 6810 2092 or click the link with the following information:

請 whatsapp 6810-2092 或直接點擊以下連接聯絡 Sow 工作人員付上以下資料:

1. Payment screen capture 付款截圖

2. Package/ Membership selected 你選擇的套票/ 計劃

3. Time/ Date of your first class 首堂的日期及時間

*Validity period of package will commence on the first class of class


Step 4

New student will receive a welcome email from us to download our booking app Momoyoga to make future class reservation



Old student will have the credit topped up in their existing account


We are only a tiny studio with limited human resources so please be patient with us and we will usually get back to you within 24 hours



Payment Screen Cap Upload:  | 請上載付款截圖:

Upload File

Thank you for submitting! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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