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Booking & Cancellation Policies

1. Full payment for classes must be received at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled date to ensure your seat.
1. 為免向隅,請於至少二十四小時前付款購買堂票或套票作預約課堂之用。

2. There is no fee for cancelling your class 24 hours prior to the start of the scheduled class time.​
2. 已預約的課堂,可在開課時間二十四小時前在預約系統上免費取消。

3. Failure to turn up for a class already booked or more than 10-minutes late will incur the following:
3. 開課時間二十四小時之內將不會接受任何取消。如缺席已預約課堂或遲到10分鐘以上:

a) Class Pass/ Package Student: Will result in the deduction of 1- class credit from your account.
a) 持有套票的學生:電腦系統將會在你戶口內扣除一堂計算。

b) Unlimited Membership Students: 2 no-shows and/ or late arrival within 7 days will result in a lose of privilege in our online booking system for 1 week.
b) 持有無上限月費計劃的學生:在七日時間內若然有兩次缺席/遲到多於10分鐘,你將會被撇除一個星期的網上預約功能。

*PLEASE NOTE that we will not accept email, Whatsapp, phone call or voice mail cancellation.  Please book your class considerably and treasure your lesson booked with us.

4. Trial offer is only available for one-time only for new member who has never been to our studio.
4. 新生試堂優惠只適用於第一次到臨 Sow Yoga 的學生。

5. All payment to class, workshop and training are non-refundable, non-cancellable, non-transferable and non-extendable.   Exceptional case can only be considered with a written note from a certified medical practitioner.  
5. 所有的堂票,套票,月費計劃及工作坊收費恕不能退款,取消,轉讓或延期。如若因受傷或生病及能夠提供註冊醫生的醫生紙證明我們將會考慮作出特別處理。

6. All class credits must be finished within the validity period or else the credit will be forfeited.   If you purchase a new package before your old package ends, the left-over credits will be carried over into the new package.
6. 所有課堂需要於套票有限期內使用。如有剩餘的堂數,可考慮在過期前購買新的套票,舊套票的餘額將會被撥入新購套票的限期內。

7. NO ENTRY will be allowed after 10 minutes of the class's start time to ensure a quiet and calm environment for all others practitioners.  Please ensure you make it to the studio at least 5-10 minutes before class starts.
7. 請在開堂前5至10分鐘抵達教室。教室將會在課堂開始後10分鐘鎖門,讓其他同學能夠在安靜的環境下進行練習。

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