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About the Training

This Yoga Alliance Certified teacher training will educate yoga teachers who are interested to deepen their study about inversions in yoga practice and how to build stable and solid foundations in yourself and others, to bring great success to your yoga students in their journey.


The 100-hour Inversion Teacher Training can be counted as CET hours and is a comprehensive program designed for teachers and practitioners interested in learning and teaching yoga and are enthusiastic about inversions and how to efficiently and safely teach inversions in a yoga class setting.


The training will help to deepen your understanding of the principles of alignment, learning functional anatomy for stronger and sustainable practice, focusing on building the essential foundations in yoga training and gaining clear understanding of how to help others in setting priorities and plans to make progression in their inversion and yoga practice.


Upon completion of this teacher training. You will learn in depth of how to practice inversion in yoga effectively and how to teach inversion in a yoga class safely and efficiently. You will learn the essential tools to overcome any fears and how to help others do the same. Note that while this training gives you in-depth knowledge about yoga and inversion, learning never truly ends.

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