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This training is led by Dana Lai and Miguel Sant'ana.  With registered physiotherapist Ivy Mok

Dana Lai


Dana is the founder of Sow Yoga and a senior teacher with more than 20 years of practice in yoga and over 10 years of full time yoga teaching experience.  Her dedication is to bring yoga combined with mindfulness practice to her students.

In her early days as a passionate student, Dana has completed over 1000 hours of training and regularly attended workshops with a strong interest in anatomy, biomechanics, breath, and meditation.  She completed her first 200h RYT training in 2010 with Patrick Creelman, and further her studies with multiple 300h RYT training by Desiree Rumbaugh, Noah Maze and Jason Crandell.  She is a firm believer in the importance of cross-training and has been trained by one of the world's most prominent hand-balancer Miguel Sant'ana in person for over 3 years.

Dana has taught and led retreats, studied and deepened her practices in various cities.  She also assisted Patrick Creelman during teacher trainings and has taught workshops in different countries, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, and Singapore.

Along with the asana practice, she strives to instil a strong sense of awareness and introspection in her students.  With such a non-competitive inner climate achieved through mindfulness practice, students can come to explore their physical edge with a more profound understanding of connection to themselves.


Miguel Sant'ana

World Renowned Hand Balancer

Brazilian native Miguel Sant'ana started hand balance training since 2011 and he has developed his unique hand balance training method based on his extensive training background from tumbling, acrobatics and capoeira.

Miguel started teaching hand balance since 2013 and is one of the top most sought-after hand balance teachers worldwide.  He shows his students his very clear passion for determination, dedication and commitment.  Miguel's objective as a teacher is to inspire the knowledge with his students to create a very strong base of training.  He always says "A tree without roots does not grow".


Ivy Mok

Registered Physiotherapist (HK & UK)
BSc in Physiotherapy (HK)
Registered Dharma Yoga teacher (Level 1-3)

Ivy found herself fortunate enough to be a physiotherapist, a career which motivates her to keep learning intensively on human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and movement analysis, so as to better assist people on their self-healing paths.

Since 2011, Ivy has been studying and practising Visceral Manipulation (VM) from Barral Institute. To equip herself to be a good therapist, Ivy studied human anatomy deeply by attending dissection courses taught by renowned anatomists, Gil Hedley and Julian Baker. In 2016, Ivy has become the Teacher Assistant of VM courses by Barral Institute, and assisted classes in HK, Shanghai, Italy and Spain.

To extend her service to assist yoga students in deepening their anatomy knowledge, Ivy accepted the invitations from Indaba Yoga (London) and Sandstone Yoga (Birmingham), to be the anatomy teacher for their YTTs.

Ivy runs her own studio in HK for VM treatment sessions, yoga classes and anatomy/manual technique workshops for health-conscious enthusiasts. She started teaching yoga since 2009. Ivy believes yoga is meant to heal; and an in-depth understanding on human anatomy and biomechanics is the pre-requisite for yoga teachers to guide students to practise yoga safely with optimal progress.

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