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Sow the Seeds for a Blissful Life
Everything in life starts as a seed...


A lotus flower    

An avocado    

A loving relationship

A stubborn belief system

An exercise habit  

A disease

A thriving career

A life


Whatever you see manifested in the world and in your life all started as a seed, which through time, space and reinforcement, consciously or unconsciously, being sprouted into reality—for better or for worse. 

We all have many, many seeds that pop up in our heads, containing many different passing thoughts and ideas.   All our relationships, our health, our success at work, our failures, our finance, our reaction to certain people and things are all coming from the seeds we pick to grow and water in the course of our lives. 

In Sow Yoga, we welcome you to take a moment to pause and observe yourself. 

What are you choosing? 

What are you expecting?  

Which seeds within you are waiting to be recognised and sprouted?  

Which seeds no longer need the feeding?  

Tend to your seeds, take what arised within carefully, become curious about it, steps into the unknown, be patient about it, and grow into the flower you truly are! 

about SOW

Our studio houses two sides of floor-to-ceiling window graced by the Lin Fa Kung Temple at Tai Hang, Hong Kong.

latest Happenings with SOW

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where is SOW

Location: 2/F The Lane House at Little Tai Hang,

11 Lin Fa Kung Street East, Tai Hang 

WhatsApp: +852 6810 2092


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